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Natures "Master Molecule"

Xanthohumol is a prenylflavonoid derived from the female flowers of the hops plant (Humulus lupulus L.). Numerous scientific studies over the last 12 years have documented the remarkable therapeutic potential of xanthohumol for a broad spectrum of health benefits.

Only very small amounts of xanthohumol are contained in hops flowers, and further extraction and purification steps are necessary to bring the amount of xanthohumol to a more concentrated level to provide health benefits.

Xanthohumol is insoluble in water or  gastrointestinal fluids, and therefore virtually no xanthohumol can get into the body to reach the cells and organs. Published animal pharmacokinetic (blood level) studies comparing an oral dose to an injected or IV dose, indicate that no xanthohumol was detected when administered orally. Like resveratrol from grapes, xanthohumol, as a powder in a capsule or tablet, is not bioavailable, and therefore, probably of little benefit.

Many of the benefits demonstrated in laboratory research, in cells for example, are not applicable to living systems in which the compound in powder form must be absorbed in the intestines, and then processed by the liver (metabolized), prior to becoming available to the rest of the body. If the compound can't get from the gastrointestinal tract into the blood, it will pass through unabsorbed, and be wasted.

One company has developed a proprietary formulation of xanthohumol that is water-soluble, and has been tested in human pharmacokinetic (blood level) studies. This formulation is a liquid concentrate that can be added to water or other beverages, and compleatly dissolves, forming a crystal clear solution that can be consumed as a liquid.

Bioactives, Inc. has been conducting research related to xanthohumol, and other interesting compounds contained in hops for many years now. This has resulted in a portfolio of numerous patents related to xanthohumol and its many uses.

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Female Hops Flowers
Xanthohumol is contained in the yellow granules (glands) of pollen.